Sheryll Phillips

Sheryll Phillips was born and raised in Singapore.  Her whole family, who were Buddhist, came to know Christ in the 1970’s and she accepted Jesus into her heart as her Savior and Lord. 


In 1992, Sheryll came to the States to attend Christ for the Nations Institute.   Upon completion of her studies there, she went on to finish her Bachelors Degree in Business Administration at Dallas Baptist University.


The Worship and Music Ministry has always been an integral part of her Christian walk and journey with the Lord.  Her one true passion is to be excellent at touching the heart of God in worship and in all that she does.


Sheryll has 2 beautiful children:  Ethan & Emma Phillips.



Summary of Your Family:   

Ethan Phillips, 20 years.  Emma Phillips 17 years.


Dream Vacation: 

I would love to visit my friends in the different countries they live in, such as New Zealand, Australia and London, to name a few.


Regular Order at Starbucks: 

Flat White


Favorite Movies: 

They’re Chinese and Korean so most people won’t know them. LOL!


Things That Fascinate Me:  Creation. 

My children.


People I Would Like To Meet: 

There are none, really.  I am very happy with the people that I know and that the Lord brings into my life.


One Thing That Most People Don’t Know About Me:

That I am actually a very shy person.  LOL!


Been In Ministry Since: 



When And Where Did You Get Saved: 

I received the Lord Jesus into my heart in 1979 at the Mandarin Hotel in Singapore.


Favorite Singer: 

Frank Sinatra


Life Changing Moment: 

When I recommitted my life to the Lord in 1981.





Favorite Book: 

I have quite a few favorite authors.  Love C.S. Lewis.  The Divine Romance and The Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards



I have too many to mention.  I hate running.  Yet, I do jog and walk to stay fit and healthy!  LOL!!!


In My Spare Time…

Read, play the piano, exercise like a fiend, bake, cook, watch Korean and Chinese shows.


Favorite Actor:  

Tom Hanks


Favorite Actress: 

Audrey Hepburn


Least Favorite Food: 



What Makes You Laugh: 

My children


Least Favorite Thing To Do: 

Fold the laundry


Life Motto: 

When I worship, what I need to be excellent at is TOUCHING THE HEART OF GOD and LOVING ON HIM.  Everything else stems out of that.


Favorite Scripture: 

“But he knows the way that I take; when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold.”Job 23:10


Hidden Talent: 

Hmmm… I don’t know if I have any.