Charlotte Ellsworth

Charlotte Ellsworth is the community outreach director.  Her main goal and purpose is to meet the needs of our city and connect with people within our community.

Charlotte’s passion has always been for people and for fellowship.  Whether that be through events, outreaches, service projects, etc.

We are not meant to do life alone.  So, we hope to build a sense of community here in Haltom City.


Summary of Your Family:   

My family is very big, loud and LOVE spending time together. I am the only girl of 4 and love my brothers with my whole heart! My parents are God Fearing role models who I hope to emulate in all areas of my life. 

Dream Vacation: 

 3 weeks traveling the most beautiful places in Europe 

Regular Order at Starbucks:  

Venti Strawberry Açaí Lemonade Refreshers with extra lemonade and a splash of passion tango tea, NO strawberry inclusions 

Favorite Movies:  

Lizzie McGuire movie, All MARVEL UNIVERSE movies, and Cinderella (1995)

Things That Fascinate Me:  

Nature/science and people

People I Would Like To Meet:  

Christine Caine, my mom when she was my age and Kerry Washington

One Thing That Most People Don’t Know About Me:

I know every single word of all 3 High School Musicals!

Been In Ministry Since:  

Does my whole life count haha I’ve been serving in some capacity since I was 16!

When And Where Did You Get Saved:  

Although I vividly remember asking Jesus to come into my life at 4 years old, I  began to actively pursue a relationship with the Lord at the age of 9 at a summer camp in Waxahachie. 

Favorite Singer:  

Johnnyswim - Amanda and Abner Ramirez

Life Changing Moment:  

The moment that my mom got sick and we almost lost her. But by the grace of God, she has been well ever since🏾


I am terrified of gnomes... and other completely irrational things. 

Favorite Book: 

Redeeming Love - Francine Rivers 

Everybody Always - Bob Goff 


 I think of my life as a musical  So I sing my worlds a lot instead of just speaking them.

In My Spare Time… 

I love to just cuddle my dog or go to a coffee shop

Favorite Actor:  

Will Smith 

Robert Downey Jr

Tom Hanks

Joaquin Phoenix 

Favorite Actress:  

Sandra Bullock 

Kerry Washington

Viola Davis 

Reese Witherspoon 

Least Favorite Food:  

Anything with Pork/Red Meat

What Makes You Laugh:  

Anything - it’s very easy for me to laugh

Least Favorite Thing To Do:  

“Adulting” lol but really 

Doing the dishes or paying bills 

Life Motto:  

Love People, Like Things 

Favorite Scripture:  

Ephesians 4:1-6

Hidden Talent: 

I’m not quite sure! I think it’s even hidden from me